Christman Constructors Inc. Receives Golden Trowel Award for Industrial Concrete Floor Construction

Christman Constructors Inc. Receives Golden Trowel Award for Industrial Concrete Floor Construction

Highest Industry Honors Presented for World Records in Longitudinal and Transverse Flatness

Lansing, Mich. — The Christman Company (Christman), a national construction and real estate development firm, announced today that its self-perform skilled trades affiliate company Christman Constructors Inc. (CCI) has earned the prestigious 2017 Golden Trowel Award for achieving highest industry standards in concrete floor construction, including the setting of two different world records. The award was presented on January 25, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV by award sponsor The Face Companies (Face) at the international World of Concrete conference for concrete and masonry professionals. The award, given annually in recognition of the flattest and most level floor slabs produced in the world, represents work performed at the Pfizer B541 Warehouse Expansion project in Kalamazoo, MI.

“We are so proud of the world class expertise and leadership within our concrete division team,” said Steve Roznowski, Christman president and chief executive officer. “We have long believed these talented craftsmen and women are among the best in the business, and this recognition – shared by every team member – feels like true validation of that conviction.”

The Golden Trowel award was presented for performance on a large, defined-traffic (Fmin) floor. Developed as a technology by Face beginning in 1982, the “F Number” digital technology used for measuring flatness and levelness on modern “superflat” concrete floors has since become the industry standard. Not only did the CCI project achieve world records for both longitudinal flatness and transverse flatness in narrow strip construction, its overall average flatness and levelness rate achieved the second highest ever recorded. These characteristics are important to the motion of a lift truck operating on the surface within a distribution center.

“Ultimately, it comes down to producing a finished product of the highest quality,” said Mike Cornell, CCI finisher superintendent. “This requires consistent focus on every aspect of the project in pursuit of the perfect surface, given the many variables that can impact the outcome such as environment, product, equipment, and so on. It’s really great to see the team recognized in this way for such unwavering attention to detail.”

For those familiar with the Fmin standard, the following results were achieved on the project:

Narrow Strip
Defined Traffic
18 Aisles, 2979 linear feet, 52,000 sq. ft.

Fmin Longitudinal Levelness 145.7 Longitudinal Levelness is fore-and-aft tilt, or “Pitch.”
Fmin Longitudinal Flatness 172.1 Longitudinal Flatness is the rate of change of Longitudinal Levelness, or “Pitch Rate.” This is a World Record for Narrow Strip construction.
Fmin Transverse Levelness 146.4 Transverse Levelness is side-to-side tilt, or “Roll.”
Fmin Transverse Flatness 222.3 Transverse Flatness is the rate of change of side-to-side tilt, or “Roll Rate.” This is a World Record for Narrow Strip construction.

The overall Average Fmin for this project is 171.6 This is a number representing the general quality of the aisle’s flatness and levelness as they affect the motion of the lift truck to be used on this floor. This is the second highest ever recorded. Back to News

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