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Christman offers a comprehensive range of facilities analysis and planning services to assist clients in developing creative facilities strategies to meet their needs. Our in-house team of expert consultants and analysts can provide not only full master planning services, but also a set of complementary decision-making tools, such as master facility plan studies, which provide a guiding framework through which to identify, evaluate and make informed decisions about facilities plans. 

These professional services include:

Master Facility Plan Studies, which include the following component services: 

  • Short-range and long-range growth forecasts to quantify company growth rates and patterns and also identify growth drivers that help forecast future space needs more accurately. 
  • Facility expansion scenarios which consider all realistic options for meeting those needs. These may include:
    • Existing facilities analyses, where applicable
    • Parking use evaluation
    • Land use and environmental impact
  • Cost models which provide a tool for comparing the expansion scenarios through the perspective of cost, including analysis of first cost, phasing costs and the long-term costs of owning and operating. 
  • Financial evaluation that compares each alternative in terms of its performance as a real estate investment. This includes buy vs. lease, return on investment, total costs of facility construction and owning and operating, soft costs, cash flow requirements, analysis of potential tax and other economic incentive programs, etc.

Master Facilities Plans, which integrate the chosen facilities strategies into a cohesive, actionable plan, including timeline, financial plan, site selection and land use, parking plans, master design, construction implementation plans, commissioning, maintenance and operations plans, and other functions. 

Purposeful Facilities Workplace Consulting, which involves developing creative solutions that ensure alignment of strategy, facility and people. These truly unique services, delivered in a   collaborative setting with owners, designers and other team members, help define the answers to the question: "How can your building make your business better?"