Christman is an industry leader in the partnering approach to project delivery as well as in the implementation of the formal partnering process. A commitment to partnering is a key ingredient in our consistent history of successful project outcomes. Our partnering efforts first received national recognition when we were awarded the Marvin M. Black National Excellence in Partnering Award in 1995 for the Magnesium Products of America new die-cast plant project. It was the first Michigan project to receive this prestigious award by the Associated General Contractors of America, and the only private project in the nation to win the award that year.

What does partnering mean to us?

As a company focused on building and maintaining lasting relationships, we strive to be partners first, in every business dealing. To us, this means we must:

  • Seek to understand our client's business, goals and vision
  • Serve as an extension of our client's staff in helping them achieve their goals
  • Manage our client's money and building project as though it were our own
  • Protect our client's image as if it were our own
  • Listen and respond to client's needs
  • Look for opportunities to create strategic alliances — such as public/private partnerships — that assist our clients in achieving their goals while benefiting them and the community
  • Communicate effectively
  • Share our expertise in helping clients and other team members make informed decisions
  • Be strong, proactive leaders who anticipate issues, take ownership of solutions and maintain team cohesion
  • Remain honest, even if the news isn't favorable
  • Take the harder right over the easier wrong, every time
  • Believe that a project is only truly successful if it is successful for everyone on the team
  • Leverage the talents of all team members to promote ownership and challenge them to their highest contribution
  • Treat all team members fairly
  • Strive to send everyone home safely from the job site, every day
  • Provide the tools and technology for our people to continually develop their expertise and leadership abilities
  • Promote a culture of trust, cooperation and accountability
  • Identify and promote commitment to shared team goals
  • Promote shared ownership of and collective pride in team achievements