Christman builds quality into every project and every building by focusing on proactive management rather than detection. Commitment to quality is a cornerstone of client satisfaction, and a key to Christman’s many long-term relationships with repeat clients. How is this quality measured?

  • Look at the buildings Christman has built over the years and how they last, retain their value and require less maintenance;
  • Talk to the clients, architects, trade contractors, and other industry partners we have worked with year after year;
  • Count the many  awards Christman projects have won;
  • Consider our record of always fulfilling our schedule and budget commitments;
  • Look at our business performance of maintaining growth and profitability throughout our history of more than a century;
  • Note our low employee turnover rate and high number of employees that have been with Christman for 20, 30 and even 40 years;
  • Observe the caliber of our employees - our Experts, Leaders and Partners;
  • Experience our management systems and methodologies;
  • Look at the extensive array of planning and decision-making tools and latest technologies with which we equip our project teams, including value management analyses, life cycle costing, maintaining and operating analyses, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and many more; 
  • Talk to our competitors.

Our quality management system includes:

Formal, Project-Specific Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plans
Our written quality assurance and control plans guide our actions throughout each project, from first analysis of contract documents until the client’s acceptance of the completed building. They include: 

  1. Defining the work properly
  2. Selecting capable trade contractors
  3. Communicating quality standards and expectations
  4. Monitoring quality continuously - This approach provides multiple opportunities to identify and correct potential quality problems before any work has been put in place. 

By thorough understanding of the project and client expectations, proactive communication of quality standards to trade contractors and follow-through to ensure those standards are met, Christman staff provides dependable and proven leadership in quality assurance.

Quality Workshops
These bi-monthly, companywide meetings are an essential part of our quality management and training programs. They include formal training, invited speakers on innovative construction products and methods, staff “lessons learned” presentations on current projects which highlight unique installations or other issues with potential quality impact and how they were successfully managed, and an open forum to promote general quality discussion, questions and feedback. 

Continuous Staff Training and Development
Through Christman University, a comprehensive internal training program, Christman project team members at every level are challenged to share their best work practices and collaboratively develop shared tools and resources that continuously refine our leadership expertise and approach. Christman University promotes ongoing staff development across a broad range of project management responsibilities, including: project planning, construction quality, risk management, change management, and cost effectiveness, and safety. 

Client Feedback
We use a combination of feedback channels throughout each project, to ensure we understand our client’s expectations at the outset and to monitor the client’s assessment of our performance against those expectations. From satisfaction surveys to regular feedback sessions to personal meetings with our executive management, the voice of our customer is a key element in Christman quality management systems. 

Our award-winning partnering approach to project management — through formal partnering agreements when appropriate, in the team collaboration found on every Christman project or in Christman-led public/private partnerships — is another key to our continuous and proactive quality assurance. From early consensus on mutual goals to creative problem solving to team performance commitments, our partner-centered culture elicits the highest quality project outcomes.