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For clients who simply don’t know where to begin or lack the staff and other resources to develop a project’s parameters, Christman program management is a proven system that offers single point responsibility for successful delivery of a specific construction project, a group of projects or an overall facilities development program. 

As program manager, we serve as an extension of our client’s organization, assembling the right team and technical resources to meet the unique facilities program challenge. Because our program management fee is based on the staff resources we must deploy to meet the client’s needs, our incentive is to provide the highest quality professional services available and is not a function of construction cost. In this role, we are the “managing partner” responsible to our client for the entire program, leading the effort from pre-design through post-construction for a high quality, cost-effective custom facilities solution.

We offer a full range of program management services, including: 

  • Master facility plan and feasibility studies, including space need assessments
  • Master planning
  • Finance planning
  • Concept development
  • Team member selection
  • Programming
  • Design management
  • Planning management
  • Construction management
  • Occupancy planning
  • Facility Management
In this method of project delivery, the client hires a program management firm to manage all aspects of the program or series of projects and to serve as a single point of accountability for its success.

  • Client may rely on a single point of accountability for project success
  • Alleviates necessity of adding full-time employees to manage a major expansion program
  • Provides for continuity and consistency of approach between multiple projects or programs
  • Creative alternate plans to accomplish project goals
  • Assistance with highly specialized skills, such as team member selection and contract negotiation, site selection, existing facility evaluation, etc. 
  • Smoother coordination between the design and construction disciplines