Christman Building Innovation Group

A Center for Advancing Self-Perform

The Christman Building Innovation Group (CBIG) was created to initiate, champion and drive innovation and excellence across Christman’s multiple self-perform entities. In addition to 485 construction management and general contracting professionals, Christman currently employs more than 400 skilled trades men and women in carpentry, millwork, demolition, concrete, mass timber, earthwork, interiors, service and more.

This group of construction and estimating professionals drives better service, cost efficiencies, safety solutions, technology advances and innovative practices for Christman’s self-perform operations nationally. CBIG connects our craftsmen and women to build upon regional successes and lessons learned across our offices in Michigan, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Award-Winning Technology 

CopperCompass - Data Analytics for Self-Perform Services
CopperCompass uses a data set of hundreds of completed projects to predict safety and financial outcomes for projects based on a user input query. The data set expands with each bid and completed project increasing the tool’s ability to provide accurate information as the data set grows. Output information from the tool includes statistical information about each query. The tool provides access to information for our project teams, procurement teams, and support for clients to make informed decisions. 

CopperWorks - Labor Data Tool
CopperWorks was created to meet the need to modernize manpower management in the building trades industry while addressing industry-wide workforce shortages. This software identifies, and directly contacts, an individual or thousands of available skilled trades professionals in a designated region or state with just the tap of a finger. The system integrates tradespeople and job locations into a state-of-the-art interactive map and can be filtered by trade. Employers can proactively target and supply manpower to projects via automated SMS text messages. When pursuing projects, CopperWorks can identify and instantly inform all skilled trades workers within a specific project area who live closest to the job site.

CopperShield - Health and Safety Application
Our innovative CopperShield tool is a comprehensive database that contains 80 best practices for creating a safe and healthy environment on the job site. This tool offers consistent safety practices that can be followed on all of Christman's sites, regardless of location. These practices are accessed digitally through QR codes on our Task Analysis Guideline (TAG) poster, which is posted on each job site. Our field team leaders can quickly access relevant safety information, hold on-site trainings and protect the workers on their sites. 

Forefront of Innovative Building Solutions

Mass Timber Installation
Our team is one of the first self-perform groups in the country to install mass timber structures and is a full-service mass timber installer per the 2019 BOCA (Building Officials and Code Administrators International) changes. This innovative timber structure system provides clients with a unique structural frame option that blends the beauty of a natural wood system with speed of installation and significant carbon capture benefits for the environment. We have proudly performed the mass timber installation at Apex Clean Energy - Garrett Street Project in Charlottesville, VA and at Michigan State University's STEM Teaching and Learning Facility, which is the first facility in Michigan built with mass timber for its load-bearing structure.