Christman University

Through Christman University, a comprehensive internal training program developed and delivered by the senior leadership of our company, Christman project team members at every level are challenged to share their best work practices and collaboratively develop shared tools and resources that continuously refine our expertise along with our approach as leaders and partners.  Christman University promotes ongoing employee development across a broad range of project leadership responsibilities, including:

  • The Christman Way
  • Protecting Safety and Health
  • Assuring Construction Quality
  • Leading Project Planning
  • Starting up a New Project
  • Leading a Project as Planned
  • Leading a Project Through Changes
  • Managing Risk
  • Closing Out Projects
  • Innovating Client Value

Our workshops are supported by a robust online learning program available to help new employees quickly learn the ropes and provide on-demand support for the systems we use for scheduling and managing projects.

At Christman, our passion for our work is rivaled only by our passion to learn and to be part of the cutting edge of construction where being experts means being the first experts. Our internal training programs through Christman University are supplemented by active participation in a broad range of industry organizations and conferences, and by external learning opportunities accessed through our ELP Benefit supporting pursuit of individually customized professional development and degree programs.