Skylight Restoration Underway at DAR Headquarters in D.C.

Christman has been contracted to oversee the preservation of the 100 year old library lay light at the historic headquarters of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) located in Washington, DC. During an inspection conducted last year, it was found that there were substantial deformities to the zinc cames holding the glass in place, cracked concrete around the steel beams, and misplaced support wires from previous repairs - among other discoveries. 

The restoration process began last month when the first 500 pound lay light was hoisted 50 feet down into the library. The event drew a significant crowd, as this was the first time any of the lay lights had been moved in over 100 years. Upon being successfully lowered into the library, the beautiful lay light was carefully shipped to a glass preservationist in New Jersey where a mockup was created and sent back to DAR for review and display during the painstaking project.




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