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Boyne City Public Schools

New High School, Multiple School Projects

Boyne City, Michigan

  • Contract Type:
  • Scope of Services:
  • Cost Range:
  • Size:
  • Architect:
  • Completion:
  • Construction Management
  • New Construction and Remodeling
  • $18,633,000
  • 120,000 s.f.
  • BETA Design Group, Inc.
  • August, 2002

This project involved the construction of a new high school as well as remodeling of existing school buildings. A major challenge of this project was construction of a new high school on the same site as the existing high school and elementary school. Through careful planning, rigorous schedule management and disciplined coordination with the District and school staff, Christman was able to successfully and safely execute the work during the school year, with minimal interruption to school operations.

The new high school features a 600-seat auditorium as well as a high-technology, two-story academic wing that includes classrooms, computer labs, a student store, and mini research labs. The curved interior and exterior walls reflect outstanding masonry design and workmanship.

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New High School, Multiple School Projects