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Michigan State University

TB Simon Power Plant Units 5 and 6

East Lansing, Michigan

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  • Construction Management
  • New Construction
  • $23,031,000
  • May, 2006

Engineer: Cummins & Barnard, Inc.
Joint Venture Partner: The Industrial Company

The TB Simon Power Plant provides steam and electricity for the entire campus of Michigan State University. The student population of approximately 45,000 benefits daily from the power plant’s operations. Units 1 and 2 were constructed in 1965, Unit 3 was constructed in the mid 1970s and Unit 4 was constructed in the early 1990s. The addition of Units 5 and 6 enabled the power plant to handle the increased demands of the university for the next twenty years.

In addition to adding capacity, the addition allows the power plant to handle peak demands without buying electricity from outside sources. Most importantly, the new units enable the facility with the black start capability. The black start capability is used when all or a major portion of the system is forced out of service. It allows the system to restart itself and restore normal operations as quickly as possible. MSU’s black start generators now start themselves without an external electricity source and then energize transmission lines, restart other generating units and ultimately restore service to customers.

Construction was bid in three phases, the first of which included sitework and building equipment foundations. The second was structural steel and the third was the balance of the plant.

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TB Simon Power Plant Units 5 and 6
TB Simon Power Plant Units 5 and 6
TB Simon Power Plant Units 5 and 6