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Allegiance Health

Parking Structure

Jackson, Michigan

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  • Construction Management
  • New Construction
  • $8,900,000
  • 105,000 s.f.
  • Rich and Associates, Inc.
  • July 2009

The Allegiance Health Parking Structure is a four-and-a-half level, cast-in-place parking deck that can accommodate over 300 automobiles. Design features include an elevator, a helipad on the top level, and a host of visitor-centric elements that promote safety and enhance usability (detailed below). Several sites were studied as potential locations for the structure, and this one was chosen because it was the most convenient for patients. 

Heavily trafficked roads on three sides and an operational emergency department on the fourth side of the project site created a significant challenge for the project team. The community’s need to reach the ambulatory and walk-in entrances of the emergency department was a major focus. Due to limited lay down area on the project site, Christman utilized a just-in-time delivery system with the contractors and maintained a painstaking delivery process. It was crucial to ensure that all adjacent routes—including the emergency entrance, ambulance traffic and loading dock deliveries—remained open at all times.

In collaboration with the design team, an organizational development specialist from the Christman project planning group facilitated several pre-design visioning and customer focus group clinics with the stakeholders and community members. This was done to provide input into what the building should look and feel like. Information taken from these clinics was incorporated into the design and maintained throughout construction.

Visibility and brightness was a key theme identified early in the project. Those themes drove a commitment to a type of construction that minimized physical and visual obstructions (including the use of glass in the elevator and stairwells), had a higher ceiling height, provided superior lighting, and used white paint to increase brightness.

Another envisioned theme was maintaining clear routes to destinations. Extra care was taken to provide clear signs, marked walkways, and markings to help people remember which floor they parked on, and the clearly marked stairway and elevator leave no confusion about how to get into the hospital. Furthermore, multiple emergency phones on each floor are a result of the visioning team’s emphasis on ways to obtain help. The end product is a parking structure whose users share pride of ownership and increased satisfaction.

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Parking Structure
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