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Kearsley Community Schools

High School Science Wing Addition

Flint, Michigan

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  • Construction Management
  • Addition
  • $3,613,000
  • 22,550 s.f.
  • Fanning Howey
  • August, 2001

In an effort to meet its growing enrollment and to promote high-technology and sciences, Kearsley Community Schools planned a science wing addition for its existing high school. Early in the planning stage, the decision was made to focus on energy analysis and high performance building standards not only to maximize the most of a limited budget, but to make the project a learning experience as well. The result was achievement of the first high performance school building in Michigan.

A life cycle analysis process, which focuses on the long-term maintainability and cost efficient operation of the building, was used on this project. Kearsley Community Schools’ estimated savings have been approximately 30% on utility costs each year for the addition by applying the sustainable, high performance design and construction concepts developed during the life cycle analysis and design process. Thanks to the first-cost savings realized through efficient use of building materials, two extra classrooms were added at no additional cost. Examples of high performance features incorporated in the project include:

  • Insulated foundation walls
  • Additional insulation in walls and roof
  • Energy Star white, low maintenance roof
  • Low-e double-pane windows
  • North/South skylights and windows provide daylighting
  • Low emissivity interior paint on exterior walls reduces heat loss
  • High efficiency exterior doors & vestibules
  • Recycled plastic toilet partitions
  • Recyclable carpet squares made out of recycled materials
  • Sheet vinyl flooring is waterproof, resistant to chemicals with a 25 year life cycle
  • Corridor Terrazzo floors have 100 year life and add to building mass.
  • High efficiency boilers
  • Ultra efficient HVAC design
  • Computer based HVAC controls with individual classroom temperature control
  • High efficiency domestic hot water heater
  • Daylighting controls on corridor lights
  • Premium efficiency electric motors
  • Re-built high efficiency transformers
  • LED/ultra low energy exit signs with 25 year expected life
  • Designed for efficient maintenance
  • Mechanical space minimized, increasing instructional space
  • Interior quadrant partitions designed for low cost future flexibility
  • Increased functionality included through self contained labs vs. central storage
  • Cross corridor design allows for easy observation of all entrances and corridors, thereby improving security
  • Commissioning process begun during design phase and continued through building startup and shakedown
  • Intensive, structured training provided to science department and operations staff
  • Local contractors/materials used where possible to reduce transportation impact and increase local economic impact
  • Paid for with Buildings and Site Fund saving $2.8 million in interest costs
  • High efficiency lighting design
  • Occupancy sensor based lighting control

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High School Science Wing Addition
High School Science Wing Addition
High School Science Wing Addition
High School Science Wing Addition