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Pfizer Global Research and Development

AAPO Lab Renovation

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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  • Scope of Services:
  • Cost Range:
  • Size:
  • Architect:
  • Completion:
  • Construction Management
  • Renovation
  • $128,000
  • 2,750 s.f.
  • Kling (then Kling-Lindquist)
  • January, 2003

The remodel of this relatively new pharmaceutical lab/production building was unique because the original design of the suite was obsolete by the time it was built due to technology advancements. The space had stringent requirements for cleanliness and air quality. Workers were asked to wear hospital gowns at all times and a temporary HVAC system was installed to maintain negative pressure in the work area.

Open communications and immediate responsiveness to changing client needs were key to the success of the project. Based on the successful execution of this small project – which included strict focus on a clean work environment and adherence to the schedule – Christman was awarded several subsequent projects by Pfizer.

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AAPO Lab Renovation